Ahad, 19 April 2015

Doorgift Weeding

800 set brownis from nurul

850set doorgift order from sabrina 

mix brownis from kak ina 
Terima kasih

Hand Bouquet

Surprise delivery

30pcs hand bouquet with balloons  

30pcs rose bouquet 

Thank you all for the orders

Brownis favourite for everyone

Brownis alomnd and brownis mix with coklat wording

More wording order 

Coklat cair topping 

Brownis cheese n almond 
Terima kasih semua

Salam & hello semua..... lama sunguh saya tak update blog. Was very busy with office workload, tak sempat nak update blog n calendar. Anyway here are some pictures of our orders for your viewers. Thank you all n enjoys.....

Thank you to my dearest customers for the continues orders with us!