Jumaat, 20 November 2015

Rose Bouquet

Orders from customer...

Terima Kasih.


Thank you dear for all the orders!

Selasa, 17 November 2015

Coklat Bouquet for Birthday

Surprise order from Linda, thank you! 
5set kinder bouquet & brownies kitkat 

Rose Bouquet

Order from customer for Surprise Delivery! Thank you all.
Hand bouquet 30pcs (peach + hijau)

Hand Bouquet 30pcs (pink)

Vase rose bouquet 30pcs (maroon + purple)


Brownies cuppies.... 360 pcs
 Brownies cheese
 Brownies Kitkat Kinder
Thank you all for the order...

Wedding Doorgift Brownies

1000 set brownies for doorgift. Delivery to Seremban, 

Thank you for the order!